Welcome to System TRAIN-Z

What is it ?

A rugged Z80 based Embedded Computer good for

  • Learning Programming in C, Assembly, …

  • Education - Basics of Computer Engineering and Maintenance

  • Embedded Engineering, Control & Measurement

The system maybe used standalone or RS232 / USB hosted via a PC.

System Overview:


  • Off-the-Shelf Components

  • no SMD

  • moderate clocks (below 10 MHz)

  • all ICs on sockets

  • runs with MS-Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris …

  • easy to repair

  • easy signal access

  • built in I²C protocol for I²C periphery

  • built in Operating System, Boot-Loader and Memory Monitor

  • up to 60 kByte SRAM / up to 36kByte FLASH-EEPROM

  • supports USB via RS232-USB-Adapter

  • Programmable in Assembly, C, ….

View at Board MAIN:

Mainboard Overview:

View at Board MMU:

MMU Overview:

Terminal Screenshot:

Bus Monitor and Cycle Stepper:

  • It allows stepping through your machine code step by step.

  • shows Address / Data via 7-Segment displays

  • indicates pulses of CPU control signals via LEDs

  • translates 5V CPU signals to 3,3V periphery signals (Level-Shifter)

  • on board PIO-Mode, CPU-Free-Run Mode, …

  • Fully programmable via Xilinx ISE

Stepper User Manual

Schematics and Assembly Drawings

Display Readout on System Reset and somewhere inside the program (red Address, green Data) :


A) fully assembled as shown on the photo above

B) just the bare naked boards MAIN and MMU


User Manual

Schematics and Assembly Drawings

Software & Tools:

Firmware Version 9.3 (supports W29C020 FLASH EEPROM)

Firmware Version 9.4 (supports AM29F040 FLASH EEPROM)

Linux Tools: Bash Shell Scripts, Assembler, HEX2BIN-converter


HOWTO Program The Z80 Periphery (CTC, SIO, PIO)

The X/Y-Modem Protocol Reference by Chuck Forsberg

The Z80 Family Program Interrupt Structure (rewritten)


160 EUR + VAT + Shipment

sales contact

More Z80 stuff:




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